Remote camera trigger

Photographing Tawny Owls

  For a number of years a pair of Tawny Owls have bred in a nest box situated in a large oak tree close to the garden fence. This year with restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown photographing the owls seemed like an ideal project. For a couple of weeks I monitored the site with a trail camera until I was sure that the birds were well established and feeding young. I then set up a trigger with the beam aimed vertically just less than a metre in front the box on the flight path of the birds. As the tree was growing on quite a steep bank I was able to place...

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Badger ‘selfies’

Badger 'selfies' - For nearly thirty years we have put out food in the garden each evening for the local Pine Martens. Originally feeding was done to lure them in order to get them in front of a camera but over time it has become as much of a routine as feeding the family pet. In the autumn a couple Badgers appeared and started cashing in on the offer of free peanuts. Unfortunately the badgers keep even more unsocial hours than the martens. Their appearance recorded on the trail camera (put out nightly) was any time between midnight and five am. Spending the wee small hours stretched out on a cold...

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