Highland Diary

Humpback Whale feeding on the Aberdeen-shire coast

Humpback Whale 7527-3Humpback Whale feeding on the Aberdeen-shire coast – Last weekend I had an interesting encounter with the Aberdeenshire Humpback Whale feeding on sprats below Hackley Head on the Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve. Over the course of  three and a half hours that I was able to watch the whale it became apparent that it had a definite feeding strategy. It would come close inshore below the cliffs and spend time cruising around stirring up  the sand and sediment before setting off out to sea in a wide arc of 500 metres or so. Presumably this was to drive the fish shoals inshore to its previously prepared killing zone. In the murk close against the rocks the fish would have had less room to manoeuvre and escape the whale’s feeding lunges. It would work one killing zone for an hour or so before moving a few hundred metres along the coast and setting up another.