A Return to Gibraltar Point

August can be a quiet time for wildlife photography in the Highlands. With the breeding season over many birds are already on their way south and many insects and plants have had their day. With the weather forecast predicting a succession of Atlantic fronts moving through the north of Scotland for much of August we decided to head south to find better weather. The East of England looked to be a good bet for waders on early passage migration. The prospect of catching up with some Spoonbills was perhaps the main attraction. Following a number of sporadic breeding attempts in the 1990's in 2010 four...

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The last of the summer

  The last of the summer - Small flocks of wading birds returning to our shores are a sure sign that summer is almost gone. After what seems a like an all too brief sojourn in the far north by late July many waders have bred and are already making their way south. A few adults return still with the vestiges of their often showy breeding plumage but more often it is the young of the year making their first journey south that we see along our northern shores. Unable to build up such large fat reserves as the adults they have more need to stop off to feed on the journey south. Many have...

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