great-crested grebe

April 2019

My photographic efforts over the past month have produced a rather eclectic set of images. I started off by heading up to Wester Ross to see an American duck, a Blue-winged Teal that had taken up residence on a small lochan. As with many species that have come from the other side of the Atlantic it was much more confiding than European birds of a similar ilk. I arrived early hoping to get some pictures before the inevitable arrival of hoards of birders that the news of such a rarity attracts these days. I had an hour and a half parked up on the side of the lochan using my vehicle as a hide. The duck...

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Photographing Grebes in Spring

I have always had a soft spot for grebes, I have early memories as a boy on summer evenings punting around an ornamental lake in Derbyshire helping my father erect photographic hides beside the nests of Great-crested and Little Grebes. Back then other grebe species were considered rarities and only ever occurred in the midlands of England in their rather dowdy winter plumage. It is at this time of year in their summer plumage that grebes really shine. Here in the Highlands Little Grebes appear to be much more numerous and widespread than when I moved north in the late 1960’s. Slavonian Grebes,...

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