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Photographing River Minnows

Late spring and early summer is the breeding season for the  Common or River Minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus). At this time shoals of minnows move into shallow water to spawn. When in breeding condition male minnows change considerably in appearance, they darken in colour, the base of their fins and throats become red, tubercles form on the top of their heads and the flanks of the dominant males flash with iridescent green and gold coloured scales. A photographic opportunity presented itself when a shoal of a thousand or more fish gathered over a gravel bed in the local burn. Unable to justify underwater...

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Photographing Tawny Owls

  For a number of years a pair of Tawny Owls have bred in a nest box situated in a large oak tree close to the garden fence. This year with restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown photographing the owls seemed like an ideal project. For a couple of weeks I monitored the site with a trail camera until I was sure that the birds were well established and feeding young. I then set up a trigger with the beam aimed vertically just less than a metre in front the box on the flight path of the birds. As the tree was growing on quite a steep bank I was able to place...

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